Valerian Movie: Ultimate Nerdgasm Makes Entire Sci Fi Genre Obsolete

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What really drives the movie is it's concept art on universe and aliens, while real actors are just driving along

In a similar way the first concert of Ramones in CBGBs made people realize their record collection just turned obsolete - Valerian movie just made the entire science fiction genre obsolete, and raised the bar for the movie creators. No matter if the movie becomes a blockbuster or not, it will certainly be a cult classic, similar to Besson's The Fifth Element.

Main reason to wish it a financial success is so Luc Besson can get financial backing to make more movies like that... He already wrote a script for sequel, and is working on the part three.  

rihanna, valerian, movie
Rihanna as Bubbles

Focus in concept art
Main protagonists are not driving the movie, they along for the ride while the true hero of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is amazing universe and the aliens Luc Besson has created with his board of art directors, perfectly executed by several studios. 
CGI characters are full of personality, and from the very beginning, when the race of Pearls takes the stage - it's hard to distinguish between them and real actors. Those few who are indeed 'real persons', like model Cara Delavigne whose perfect bone structure makes her appear like a splash of Roy Lichenstein's pop art over the bande desinee styled piece, 'male Milla Jovovich' Dane DeHaan, Clive Owen, Ethan Hawke  and singer Rihanna - they all gave quality performance, 

cara, delavigne, valerian, movie, besson
Delavigne as Laureline

probably because working with such a creative team was more fun than a hard job. In short - if there were people who thought it's impossible for Rihanna to make you cry - you were wrong.

Wild ideas and poetic visuals
The wild ideas such as marketplace in another dimension, where regular folks have to wear special equipment to tour the place, and the plot around it - that is where the movie takes out the smile on your face... And that expression of ultimate groupie in love doesn't wear out hours after the film is over.  

Our personal favorite are the most repulsive aliens in that universe:

Boulan Bathor race

the race of Boulan Bathor, and no, the trailer doesn't come even close to what's really going on there. 
Additional dynamics to that chapter is given by the intro to their world, which are the most poetic visuals of the movie, even though production designer Hugues Tissandier has created more exciting sets for the piece.

Trippy as mushrooms 
We were laughing when Luc Besson was boasting with having 2734 visual effects shots in Valerian "while there were only 188 in The Fifth Element" and called his ecstatic state names like 'nerdgasm'... But he is the one who is having the last laugh, as seeing this movie is trippy as if we were on mushrooms.

valerian, movie, creature

Despite being determined not to criticize but just to ignore what we don't like, one has to wonder what will creators of a new sequel of another well known sci-fi saga do now, since their new movie is already filmed, but is supposed be shown after Valerian has already hit the theaters.

They will probably rely on fans and their thirst for the new development in story...

We don't care, but surely some generated feed will incidentally inform us on that.

valerian, movie, release
The movie was released in "startup nation" of Israel, where it came out one day before in the USA

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