Sky Doll Sudra: Android Prophet in Oriental setting

sky doll, skydoll, manga, european, comics, 魔物娘, アンドロイド
Barbucci and Canepa got back to their European roots by making a "worn out future setting", typical for European Sci-Fi

After initially showing only in black and white in new sequel series titled Sudra, favorite European android monster-girl Skydoll is coming back to color at the end of the August this year. Created by former Disney artists, Italians Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa, the album that collects all four new sequels of the main story is being published by Titan Comics. The first three stories, White City, Aqua and Yellow City, were published in Summer 2006 Heavy Metal magazine's Skydoll Special, and Marvel republished those stories in 2008. In addition, Marvel published Spaceship collection of prequel stories, and provocative chapters about alternative characters from the same universe Lacrima Christi (Tears of Christ), both in 2010. Skydoll has complicated publishing history in English, but as Titan Comics took it over recently, the simplest option for a new reader is to start with Skydoll Decade 00>10, and continue with Sudra sequels of the original story, while for big fans Titan's Spaceship collection from 2016 offers all the side stories, including cult Lacrima Christi.  

skydoll, manga, european, comics, 魔物娘, アンドロイド
Megadiverse planet for lowest class inhabitants of the Universe

Worn-out future

In album that colects all four new stories and comes out via Titan Comics, a doll Noa, who escaped the sexual enslavement fate she shared with her “sisters”, becomes street preacher in a planet whose name Sudra - the lowest social category in Indian system of caste - indicates the authors are merging their shiny manga-like world with the rest of 'worn-out future' pieces characteristic for European Sci-Fi since Humanoids took over the genre back in the 1970-es... 
And which was brought to the big screens thanks to the cult movies Star Wars, Alien and Blade Runner.

Like in the first volumes of Sky Doll series, the colors and shape of characters are still manga-styled, with bright magenta all over the panels, only now the “metallic” greyish hues of the habitat are mainly under toned with yellow and brownish tones, 

skydoll, manga, european, comics, 魔物娘, アンドロイド
Slum on Sudra

giving the look for the habitat of laborers and servants, without access to the technologically advanced forms of fun from planets Skydoll showed us in previous volumes. To add a bit more of Hindu and Oriental atmosphere, many details are in orange

Floating city on planet Sudra resembles Orient and it's ways, staring from housing system to the transport and traffic means

 - favorite robe color of priests in “megadiverse” India and Orient.

Parody of religious fanatism

Thus it appears the planet Sudra is experiencing certain growth in spirituality, which authors again parodied in manner consistent to the visuals: the folk there doesn't have the acces to all the technology seen in more advanced world Skydoll has shown us in prequels of this story, so miracle-makers show, which happens to be intrinsic need for the plebs and favorite form of fun all over the universe, is enjoyed either on the street or in an old fashioned circus tent.

skydoll, manga, european, comics, 魔物娘, アンドロイド

The star of the show, such as android Noa, gets the matching reward, too: a few coins passers by flip in her case on the floor, or a towel with her picture printed on it. On Sudra, Noa is not guided by “tv producer” Frida Decibel, but gets the circus manager who is decaying just as everything else on that planet. Her breasts are floppy like yesterday's pancakes and overall character design is funny... Funny visuals added to this saga are another conceptual  come back to their European roots.

No doubt Skydoll Sudra is not going to match the extravaganza of Lacrima Christi, where in 'epilogue' Archivum Secretum some of the invited artists Enrique Fernandez expressed their fear if their pieces would be too daring for publishing, but along with the followers which are waiting to see further development of the main story - younger fandom of monster-girls would surely fall in love with cute and sexy android in unique Sudra settings,  executed with superb artistry, as expected from now legendary duo Barbucci and Canepa. 

skydoll, lacrima, christi,
Horror story on Skydoll by Spanish artist Enrique Fernandez in Lacrima Christi
skydoll, lacrima, christi, smudja
Genius art by Serbian master Gradimir Smudja
skydoll, lacrima, christi, comics, transgender
Beautifully painted Aquaworld revealed it's secrets in Lacrima Christi, thanks to Benjamin from China

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