Oniria Genesis: Sexualized Kaleidoscopic Horror Comics Will Blow Up Your Mind

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If you like horror and film noir, and are ready for kaleidoscopic twist within the genre – album Oniria: Genesis, with collected and expanded stories on bleached hussy Amanda Honeyland is the thing for you.
Spanish author Ferran Xalabarder, best known for praised concept designs on animated movie Titan A.E. and regular episodes on Oniria in Heavy Metal magazine, promises the new album comes out in excellent print where “Quality of the book is the closest to the original that he has seen printed on paper… with all the shades of bright colors”..

comics, horror, oniria,
Liquid reality where artists muse Amanda Honeyland resides

Sexualized Monstrosities
Well, if the view on monstrous aliens having nipples all over the body and eyes set in a pair of boobs growing on their faces, with their mouth being cemented in a cylindric sucking gesture doesn't repulse you too much – sure the saturation and tones of color are important so this piece is a must buy.

Dramatic style
Xalabarder's style is very masculine and dramatic, visible both in the use of strong lines and in his designs featuring distinct bizarre and complex imaginary.

comics, horror, oniria, xalabarder
Heroine in action

Even though Xalabarder states that he is influenced by film noir - his plots and stories which deal with madness, insanity and other “intelelctual” topics are more in line with the German Expressionist movement where horror and film noir are originally rooted.
Published in English
His decision to publish “intellectual” title Oniria in English, which serves as a global lingua franca, was a smart move...

As it appears that Xalabarder's art will never become mainstream, which makes it important that all the untypical comic art fans are able to engage with the story.
English edition of Oniria: Genesis is available on Spanish publisher's West Wind Comics site.

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