The Face of Bande Desinee Dark Knight

batman, marini, dc, dargaud,sketch
Brilliant calligraphic sketch of Batman was made as a "warm up" for the real work, Enrico Marini July 2017

Contours of new two bande desinee volumes on Batman - Dark Prince Charming started to emerge, as Swiss - Italian artist Enrico Marini is advancing with main components needed for the original story on Gotham City protector.

batman, face, dc, marini, dargaud
The face of Marini's Dark Knight, pencil

All set up

Marini, whose most prominent claim to fame is a faboulous military-history series The Eagles of Rome, has already shown his Batman's face, Batmobile and a Catwoman... All while writing the script for it at the same time.

And now he has finished the cover art for the piece. At the first glance,  it appears the digitalized version doesn't do the justice to Marini's original artwork, but it is yet to be seen how it's going to look like in print.


batman, marini, cover, original, dc
batman, dc, marini, cover,digital
Original cover art (left) and digitalized version (above)
batman,joker, marini, dc, dargaud
Marini's new avatar

Hidden Joker

It appears the villain's appearance will stay hidden until Dark Prince Charming comes out, as recently the artist has set up a minimalistic drawing of smirky Fool as a new avatar for his social media account, and it is not likely he is going to stick with such a simplified version of character.  The original, two-part graphic novel starring the Dark Knight comes out in November this year and in spring 2018, by American publisher DC who partnered with French house Dargaud on the piece.

From Marini's feed on social media, it appears he is warming up “for the real job” by making masterful caligraphies on the piece... But the video showing him painting one of the panels shows more classic approach with ink, which he later paints with Acrylic Liquid colors, the same way as he'd use regular watercolors. Good for him, as these are known to be less toxic than regular aquarelle...

And if he stays in a good health we can look forward to see more of his art at both European and American publishing houses.

catwoman, batman, dc, marini, dargaud
Catwoman by Marini
batman, marini, dc, dargaud
Batman from DC site
batman, batmobile, batcave, dc, dargaud, marini
Batmobile in Batcave, process of work can be seen on the artist's social media pages
batman, batmobile, design, marini, dark prince charming, dc, dargaud
Design for Batmobile by Marini
batman, dc, dargaud, prince charming, dc, dargaud, panel, worksheet
Marini's Worksheet for panel on Batman Dark Prince Charming

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