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After a decade of rumors about an upcoming sequel, and even screenshots, videos of “work in progress” and teasers were released – game Beyond Good and Evil 2 was announced this weekend, on E3 2017 conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
The game is long awaited sequel to a cult classic, which was released in 2003. It was designed by French game designer, Michel Ancel, creator of the Raymen series, and released by French publisher, Ubisoft. The original game was a mix of genres, adventure, platformer, FPS, with elements of puzzle solving and stealth. Setting for the game is on planet Hillys, in remote part of the galaxy, in the year of 2435. The world is a mix of rustic European architecture with modern touches, such as internet, credit cards, etc, so it has a steampunk feeling to it. As the game begins, planet is under siege by aliens called DomZ, and a military dictatorship called Alfa Sections has come to power to protect the populace from enslavement by  DomZ. Game characters are colorful, as in its world there are aliens, humans and human-animal hybrids. Protagonist’s guardian and uncle is a colorful humanoid boar.

The original game was planned to be a trilogy, but due to the poor sales, Ubisoft did not want to finance the sequels. The fans of the game were kept on the edge for 14 years, fearing that the game was in development hell, that it will never be released, or fearing that when it eventually does get released, it will be a disappointment – like Duke Nukem Forever.
Just shy of Duke Nukem’s fifteen years, on 2017 E3 conference – Ubisoft has suprised everybody by showing the cinematic trailer for the long awaited game.
Reactions to the video were hysterical: as soon as they could make out the shape of a humanoid boar, audience’s reaction would be “No! Can’t be! OMG! It is! Beyond Good and Evil!”

Rightfully so! Cinematic trailer looks beyond impressive! And it is not only the CGI that impresses: it is the French sensibility and taste. Immediately we are reminded of Luc Besson’s Fifth Element and Valerian, of the over the top insanity of the world of the bande dessinee – French comic artists such as Jean Claude Mezieres, Moebius, Phillipe Druillet, Enki Bilal, and their successors, such as Joan Sfar (especially the Dungeon series, due to the adult and cheeky anthropomorphic animals, and Sardine – as they are band of misfit rebel space-pirates), with a touch of Hayao Miyazaki’s fantastic worlds, as creator of the game Michel Ancel stated himself for in April this year.

The characters in the trailer ooze with personality, they make you want to spend time with them, they make you want to buy the game, even before release date and target platforms were announced, and before a decent video of game-play was released. Just the visuals, cool score by Christophe Héral, fun characters, and the atmosphere are worth it, even if game-play will suck. As the game is supposed to be an open world role playing game, immersion in the totally bonkers world shown in the trailer will be enjoyable enough to be worth buying.

Even if Ubisoft do not manage to release it, if it turns into vaporware – the world and the trailer Michael Ancel created are interesting enough to have great potential for a translation to different format, comics, animated series, or even a feature movie. I, for one, would go and see it for sure!

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