Misty by Pat Mills: Literature that Your Child would want to read

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August 1978 cover

How to improve your daughter's reading skills? Give her something she'd like to read! For example, give her a read capable of grabbing the mind of a generation-Y kid with short attention span: Misty.
Now republished by Rebellion, but also available online, Misty is a fantasy horror from 1978, written by master comic author Pat Mills (2000 AD, Slaine, Sha, Requiem Chevalier Vampire, ). Short stories that last not more than 6-7 pages each and supported by classic styled visuals are perfect amount of literature for today's kids and teenagers: They are growing up with internet and social media, with prequels of Star Wars, and are incapable of watching David Lynch's Twin Peaks - but want continuous explosions on TV screens instead. Needless to say - very few of them are capable of reading a book.

If "horror" in Misty's description sounds innapropriate for your child, think again - isn't it much more hair-rising when your kids are concerned only about Instagram popularity? What messages these Instagram-made "stars" are sending to them and of what quality? Right: the answer is "who knows" - and that's exactly the point. 

Revolt Against Pop-culture

But not all is lost: revival in alternative culture of 1970es and 1980es proves these kids do revolt against official "pop culture", led by marketing bosses who claim to be "culture makers".                                 Therefore generation-Y smokes again, ideologically eats bacon and junk food, and rejects the mindset marketing bosses intended for them. Taste for weird is growing on them, so better steer them on the right route on time, while you can still influence them.
Regardless if your child is aged seven or eleven, or a few years more - Misty is the way to go: besides satisfying your child's need for rebellion, her motives trigger curiosity, while her non-intrusive visuals well support the plot but don't take too much attention from the read. All that might lead to further research of literature for your child, if that's what you wish... My wish is that it brings them closer to "9th art": I hope we both win! There's a Vol 2 in the works, with stories The Sentinels and Deathline, written by Malcolm Shaw.

pat mills misty moonchild carrie king
Moonchild is predecessor Stephen King's Carrie, cursed with telepathy
Double spread from British comics Misty, which ran from 1978 until 1980